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In our store you will find a wide variety of aromatic plants, seeds, humus, pots and tools for your garden
The agronomists place special emphasis on service and suggest the best possible solution for the garden, the balcony, the field to all those who love greenery and nature.
With respect for nature and the environment, we aim to promote Organic Agriculture with personalized proposals and solutions
Our goal is to inspire every amateur gardener or ordinary individual to create what pleases him and to fully meet his needs with the appropriate means.

Our Store

ATHENS AGRICULTURAL CENTER is a modern and fully equipped store of agricultural supplies that offers complete solutions to ordinary individuals and builders of green projects. Armed with our many years of experience in the field of gardening, we have a huge range of branded and specialized products always at the best market prices.


We cooperate with large companies in the agricultural sector and offer services related to the sale of pesticides and fertilizers as well as certified propagating material products. Consistently and responsibly, we serve hundreds of satisfied customers every day and we chat, exchanging views on each case separately.


As part of our continuous effort to provide integrated plant protection and fertilization solutions, the Agricultural Center of Athens develops partnerships with large companies in the field, both in Greece and abroad, in order to provide high quality products that fully meet the needs of our customers.

Usefull Tips

For those who enjoy gardening, read on for some helpful tips to help keep your flowers and plants beautiful and healthy.

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